Implementation of energy-saving advanced technologies
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Baled straw-operated gas generator for grain dryers

Gas generator developed by design and engineering department of UTEM is designed for grain drying on existing grain drying units using baled straw as fuel material.    

Description of unit operation

Drying agent for grain dryer uses atmosphere air heated through heat exchanger by stack fire gases to a temperature of 110 С. Mixing of stack gases with air is not allowed to prevent grain from becoming permeated with the smell of smoke. Baled straw burned in heat generator serves as raw material for production of heat energy. 

Technical and operational specifications:

  • Season output of dry grain from grain dryer - 5040 t
  • Season drying period - 21 days or 504 hours
  • Heat capacity of heat generator - 3670 kW (3164000 kcal)
  • Estimated straw consumption -  844 kg/h
  • Rated electric power  - 180 kW
  • Total straw consumption for the whole drying period - 425,4 t
  • Power consumption for drying period - 90720 kW*hours
  • Payback period up to 4 years.

Implemented projects

Financing of projects